Blowing Agent Supplier

Blowing Agent Supplier

Blowing Agent Supplier

Blowing Agent Supplier

Are you looking for a genuine and quality  adcl blowing agent supplier in India ? to enhance the quality of artificial leather/synthetic leather/PVC leather cloth, Rexine calendring sheet or any Rubber products? Contact DPL, a renowned pure quality with 3-5 microns ADC blowing agent supplier in India and around. Blowing agent is a chemical additive which is yellow to orange in color in the form of powder. These ADC grade blowing agent is able to evolve gas through thermal decomposition which ultimately help produce a cellular structure to the variety of industrial applications widely used in Rubber, Rexine, PVC, Footwear and Plastic industries. Our Azodicarbonamide blowing agent meets the requirement of particular applications by means of temperature, decomposition, particle size distribution, decomposition speed and gas yield.

DPL – Best Azodicarbonamide blowing agent supplier in India

Blowing agent brand name DPOFOAM under the umbrella of DPL globallinks is one of the biggest blowing agent supplier in India with best manufacturing standard practices to produce uniform and compact bubbles. Our Blowing agent variety of DPOFOAM and  DPOCELL  is commonly used for the expansion of PVC, natural and synthetic rubbers, rexin sheets etc. available containing endothermic blowing agents, exothermic blowing agents and as a combination of both.

DPL-Blowing agent is used for artificial leather industry, rexine sheet, PVC leather, synthetic leather, PVC foaming sheets, insulation tube, wall coverings, EVA foaming sheets, PVC foaming sheets, PE foaming sheets, PP foaming sheets, PS foaming sheets, ABS foaming sheets, HDPE sheets, LDPE sheets,  rubber foaming articles ,High Quality soles,  PVC shoe soles, EVA slippers, PE extrusion, LDPE rotational moulding, PVC shoe soles, leather cloth,  and thermoplastic foaming article industry in India and around.

Specialty of DPOFOAM and DPOCELL Blowing agent

The Blowing agent DPOFOAM and DPOCELL enhances the aesthetic and physical properties of of the final product. Its particle size dissemination and non discoloring type does not impart color to the finish product. DPL DPOFOAM and DPOCELL blowing agent disperses easily in Polymeric compositions and results a very fine uniform cellular structure.

Contact DPL – Blowing Agent Supplier in Delhi

DPL is the sole selling agent of Selon ( World’s largest blowing agent Manufacturer) for India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri lanka. Our both the products DPOFOAM & DPOCELL – blowing agents for polymers are eco-friendly and do not emit carbon footprints. DPL is the largest ADC blowing agent importer and supplier in India and around.  Our Price of Blowing agent is competitive  with best quality assured in India and around. Want to order in bulk?  Get in touch with DPL – a renowned blowing agent supplier at

DPL Group is proud to be on the honour list of Economic Times this year as well. Another Feather in the cap of DPL Group in 2022. DPL Globallinks has been felicitated with Best Plastic & Polymer brand 2022  by Economic Times. DPL Group is truly humbled and honoured. At DPL Globallinks, our goal is to serve the industry with the best quality of thermoplastic elastomers, chemicals and additives to develop a high-end client base with innovations and new trends in the polymer industry. By choosing us, you’re helping us to spread DPL Globallinks reach to a high-end customer base.

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