DCP Dicumyl Peroxide Supplier

DCP Dicumyl Peroxide Supplier

DPL – Top Dicumyl Peroxide Supplier in Delhi

Looking for a quality cross-linking agent for polymers and elastomers? Contact – DPL. With relentless research and development into chemicals and additives, DPL brings innovative solutions to meet our customer’s needs today and for the future. DPL DCP Dicumyl Peroxide  is used as a  flame-retardant synergist in expanded polystyrene (EPS). In that case, the peroxide is incorporated in small quantities in EPS, and will catalyse the flame retardant action in case of heating. White crystal in appearance, the DCP Dicumyl Peroxide melting point is 39 degree Celsius.  Dicumyl Peroxide solubility is low in water.

DPL is an authorised agent of Dongsung Corporation for India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

DPL -Biggest dicumyl peroxide supplier and wholesaler for wire and cable industry, hose pipe industry, tyre industry, rubber industry, automobile industry and footwear industry in India and around

Dicumyl peroxide is mainly used as a cross-linking agent for polymers and elastomers. Polymers which can be cross-linked with organic peroxides are used to produce a variety of rubber and thermoplastic applications. DCP Dicumyl Peroxide is used as an initiator in polymerization of styrene.  It’s heat resistant properties and increased mechanical strength makes it best applicable for hose pipes, EVA footwear, wires and cables, XLPE foam sheets and car flooring, matting, window displays, hawai chappals and in a variety of polymer applications.  

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So, get in touch with DPL – the best dicumyl peroxide supplier in Delhi to bring magical results for rubber and thermoplastic products. Don’t worry about the prices. DPL DCP Dicumyl Peroxide is best in quality at an affordable price. Order your requirements today at https://www.dplgloballinks.com/contact/.

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