Foaming agent for Rubber and Plastic products

Foaming Agent for Rubber or Plastic

Chemical industry is going through a revolutionary stage. A lot of additives are being introduced to improve the quality of final products. ADC Foaming agent for rubber or plastic is one of them. Rubber or plastic foaming agent is a chemical added to the rubber or plastic to generate inert gas on heating. This ultimately brings out cellular structure of the end product.
ADC blowing agent for rubber or plastic is the best combination of endothermic blowing agent and exothermic blowing agent bringing best elasticity to the products. Rubber or plastic blowing agent is also adjusted to meet the requirements of a particular application by means of speed, temperature, decomposition and gas yield. This brings out filler content to the end products.

The tensile strength and high decomposition structure makes it best applicable for rubber or plastic industry. Foaming agent is potential to produce uniform and compact bubbles to maintain best quality of rubber or plastic products like – tyres, car mats, motorbike handles, footwear etc.

Here at DPL, we offer two amazing products related to rubber foaming agent – DPOFOAM and DPOCELL (Rubber Foaming Agent). Both of them are eco-friendly which do not emit carbon footprints and keep the environment safe and healthy. Want to order in bulk? Get in touch with us

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