Pigment Powder Supplier

Pigment Powder Supplier

DPL – A reputed Dry Pigment Powder Suppliers in India

Looking for a quality color pigment powder additive for polymer industry to produce clean, non – staining, smooth and same color effect to the end products everytime ? Trust DPL – an esteemed dry pigment powder supplier in Delhi India.  DPL is a top pigment powder manufacturer in India, Our brand name DPOSHADES under DPL globallinks is the best dry pigment powder with organic and inorganic pigment powder range. We offer DPOSHADES  dry pigment powder organic and inorganic pigments based on their method of formulation to get the desired product properties for various applications.

We at DPL follow the best pigment powder manufacturing practices in India. We are known to offer a comprehensive range, covering general purpose as well as high performance grades. Our pure pigment powders possess good chemical resistance which is bright and strong with color transparency.
At DPL, we offer special color development facilities with excellent fade resistance and Pre-Mix pigment colors to retain the standard quality every time.

DPL-Top dry pigment powder manufacturer for rubber industry, paint industry, plastic industry and thermoplastic industry in India and around

DPOSHADES pigment color powder possesses good chemical resistance, generally bright and strong color with excellent transparency. DPOSHADES dry pigment powders are better in dispersion and supplied to customers with approved standards. Our in house quality control retains the color properties uncompromised everytime. DPOSHADES dry pigment powder are consistent in every supply.

DPL  DPODHADES competitive pricing and excellent manufacturing & industrial standards are best suitable for EVA Sole, Hawai Slipper, EVA Sheets, Rexin, PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, Rubber products, Insulation, Synthetic tyres, PVC Foam Board, soft compounds, yoga mats, auto parts, sport accessories, household products, plastic products, rubber toys, thermoplastic products etc.   DPOSHADES pigment powders also best suitable for paint industry and  brings a lovely depth to the final paint color. 

Specialty of DPOSHADES (Pigment Color Powder)

DPOSHADES improves the quality of end products by improvising their tint strength and unparalleled tonality. Our Pigment powder holds color well even in the presence of light and heat that ultimately helps enhance a product’s appearance everytime. 

Contact DPL – Top pigment powder supplier in India 

So, get in touch with DPL – the best pigment powder manufacturer in India to improve the appearance or give best color to the end product at https://www.dplgloballinks.com/contact. DPL is the biggest wholesaler, manufacturer, importer and supplier of basic pigment and premix pigment powder for rubber, plastic, paint and thermoplastic  polymer industry in Delhi and all around India. Inhouse special color development facility is also available as per the requirement.  Don’t worry about the prices. DPL offers DPOSHADES pigments powder at its best prices with uncompromised quality in India and around.

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