PVC Foaming agent

PVC Foaming Agent

Have you ever wondered how do various products that we use on a daily basis are best in appearance and highly durable? Well, all credit goes to PVC foaming agent. Its particle size distribution, gas yield and decomposition temperature help add value to the final product. ADCL blowing agent for PVC applications is specifically created for the production of microcellular structure which is derived from the standardized process.

It is adjusted to meet the requirements of decomposition speed, temperature, gas yield and particle size distribution. PVC foaming agent offers functional enhancements to create bubble shapes and optimize customer’s ideal processing conditions. Foaming agents give fast foaming merely at a narrow temperature.

Here at DPL, we introduce ourselves as one of the leading importers, suppliers, traders and exporters of optimum quality PVC foaming agents. Our unique PVC foaming agents – DPOFOAM & DPOCELL possess ultimate shock absorption, superior storage stability and easy handling properties. By adding right proportion of PVC foaming agent to other additives of products, it brings the right balance to the end products.

DPOFOAM & DPOCELL (PVC foaming agents) are best applicable for PVC School Shoes, PVC Safety Shoes, PVC Slippers and PVC Pipes, XLPE Foam Board, WPC Foam Board, PE Foam and PVC Leather Cloth. DPL is proud of being a sole agent of SELON which is the World’s largest producers of industrial AC blowing agents.

DPL Group is proud to be on the honour list of Economic Times this year as well. Another Feather in the cap of DPL Group in 2022. DPL Globallinks has been felicitated with Best Plastic & Polymer brand 2022  by Economic Times. DPL Group is truly humbled and honoured. At DPL Globallinks, our goal is to serve the industry with the best quality of thermoplastic elastomers, chemicals and additives to develop a high-end client base with innovations and new trends in the polymer industry. By choosing us, you’re helping us to spread DPL Globallinks reach to a high-end customer base.

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