Shoe Sole Rubber Compound Manufacturer in India

Shoe Sole rubber compound to design a footwear is the utmost need of masses and hence it can never go out of demand. There are innumerable types of footwear available in the market today. But there is no hidden fact that in order to sustain in the Footwear market and overcome competition, good quality shoe sole rubber compound compatible with EVA as well is must be added TPE during footwear manufacturing to enhance the functionality of Sole. Made with simple and smooth foam processing, shoe sole rubber compound by DPL Globallinks DPOSOLE brand brings softer and comfortable feel to the footwear. Our standardized shoe sole rubber compound maintains good mechanical properties like elongation, tensile and tear strength which provides better grip to the user and prevents slips, especially on wet surfaces which can be important for personal safety.

DPL is proud to offer DPOSOLE (thermoplastic elastomer material), one of the exclusive and exquisite shoe sole rubber compound for shoe sole. It can be easily injected producing a uniform foamed structure ideal for shoe soles. DPOSOLE, shoe sole rubber compound is known for its versatile applications. Shoe sole rubber compound is best compatible with slippers, sandals and sport shoes. It’s lightweight, high-elasticity; dimensional stable property also makes it preferred choice for the production of top-grade sport shoes and casual shoes as well.

So, if you want to win hearts of all your vendors dealing with shoe sole manufacturing, DPOSOLE, the fine quality shoe sole rubber compound is what you must rely upon. Order in bulk today at

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