Thermoplastic Elastomers

Thermoplastic Elastomers For Shoe Sole

In today’s modern world, polymers have always been an essential additive to manufacture products. Polymers are the vital class of long chain molecules that are produced by linking thousands of structural units, known as monomers. Among the family of polymers, thermoplastic elastomer for shoe sole is getting hugely popular. It is best ready to inject compound for injection molding of shoe sole.
Unlike thermoset rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomers for shoe sole can be easily reprocessed and remolded. It’s a special memory foam technology additive that ensures comfort and shock absorption in all the footwear applications. The thermoplastic elastomers can be easily vulcanized which give improved properties like – resistance to the heat deformation and high compression set to the final products.
The griping potential of thermoplastic elastomer for shoe sole is unmatchable that makes it stand apart from other polymers. Thermoplastic elastomer for shoe sole is less likely to get break, especially during cold temperatures. TPEs for sole have high potential to expand 800 times than its original size within 48 hours.

Here at DPL, we offer DPOSOLE (Thermoplastic elastomer for shoe sole) which is known for its high resilience and excellent properties. TPE for running shoes and all other variety is comprised of wear resistance properties make it best applicable for complete footwear range . DPL DPOSOLE (thermoplastic elastomers for Shoe Sole ) are eco-friendly and preserve ecological balance. Want to order in bulk? Get in touch with us at

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