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Want to improve the quality of industrial products with value-added chemical additives? Trust DPL. DPL is a top zinc stearate supplier in India. Our brand name DPOFLOW is a Zinc Stearate manufactured by a novel process developed by our R&D department having tremendous experience in precipitation and particle size/morphology control technology.  The output is a unique combination of lightness and melt transparency/stability in the product and better dispersion in the base polymer. 

As far as Zinc Stearate specification is concerned, DPL’s  DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate is in granular form and looks like a free flowing micro pearl in appearance. Using Zinc Stearate- Granule
makes the mixing faster when kneaded with EVA or Rubber than powder. It has high heat fusion, water repellency, gelling capacity and non – sticky nature with no air loss, bringing savings upto 7-8%.  It’s melt quality is clear and transparent. 

Here at DPL, we adhere to standardised zinc stearate manufacturing process which combines the characteristics of transparency, purity and thermal stability. Our company follows the strict quality controls and conducts quality inspections in accordance with the prescribed standards to ensure that the product pass rate meets our customer needs.

DPL-Biggest zinc stearate supplier and wholesaler for rubber industry, paint industry, automobile industry and PVC Plastic industry in India and around

DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate acts as an internal lubricant with excellent anti-block properties.  DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate Granules is moisture resistant and contains the gelling properties which make it the most valuable lubricant for rubber and plastic polymers. 

With our continuous advancements in production equipment and production technology, DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate granules are best suitable for sports shoes, joggers shoes, hawai chappal, yoga mats, EVA sheets, auto parts, pvc plastic,hdpe and other plastic and polymer industries etc. DPOFLOW Zinc Stearate are also best suitable for the paint industry. Thanks to its water repelling and great dispersal abilities. 

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Here at DPL, we offer DPOFLOW (Zinc Stearate granules) at an economical price.  Want to grab the best offer?  Get in touch with us at https://www.dplgloballinks.com/contact/.

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